The newest journey at ATA

With the season and the weather changing, things change in our association as well. We welcomed four amazing young individuals to our quiet little town. They are here to make our community’s life a bit more colorful. They arrived from different parts of Europe.

Nerea left behind the warmth of Spain and moved to the rainy Romania. She is curious about all things traditional. From France, we welcomed Quentin, who already received one very important task from us; figure out how to make giant bubbles! Timotej swapped out the Slovakian winter for a Romanian one. If you see a blond lost boy wandering around, please give some directions to the office for our Jaanus.

Upon arrival they were ready to work. They didn’t waste any time and helped with decorations for a local event. On Monday, they met the whole team at ATA. Afterwards, they met most of the people they will be working with during their 10 months in our beloved town.

There are two main activities they will work on. The first one is something called NGO Support. Sound so official, isn’t it? This activity is related to the everyday life of ATA. They will help with event organizations, workshops, youth mobilities, content creation, and small things around the office.

The second one is Inclusion Support. This is more about assisting our partner organizations who work with the disabled. All volunteers who join this program will have the chance to sing, dance, do crafts with the disabled people who will share their love in return. At the same time, volunteers can support kindergarten and elementary school teachers where they can organize non-formal English workshops for the children.

The new team already had the chance to meet the activity coordinators to learn more about the tasks they are going to be responsible for during their stay.

At the moment, they are just getting to know the culture, the town, the country, but we have no doubt that they will soon part of the local community. At the same time, not only they will learn during this time, but also us, as we will get an insight into their culture and they will enrich our work with their colorful ideas. We’re excited to get started with the next 10 months!