Youth Power in Motion

Youth Power in Motion – Empowering Students for Advocacy and Change

Call: European Youth Foundation – Pilot activity

Reference number: 7995.1.PA.2023

Duration: 12 months


Our main objective with this project is to support young people in Cristuru Secuiesc in forming and operating the local city student council by selecting and training the members of this council, also by organising workshops for them in the topic of advocacy.

Objective 1 – Supporting the existing school councils.

During the project one of our objectives is to examine the existing student councils in the 3 high school, recruit new members if it is necessary and select members who can take part in the training sessions organized by our association, then share the knowledge with their peers and implement activities at school level.

Objective 2 – Strengthening communication and collaboration between young people and the local municipality.

Another important objective is to create a link between the local youth and municipality by forming the student council of the town, also by teaching student council members to effectively communicate their ideas and proposals to the local decision-makers.

Objective 3 – Empowering young people to take an active role in decision-making processes

During the project we would like to provide training and resources to help young people develop the skills and knowledge needed to participate in local decision-making processes, such as community development initiatives.

Expected outcomes

Among the results and expected outcomes of the project we can mention:

  • Improved civic engagement: Through lobbying at the municipality and designing a strategy for civic participation, students can learn how to engage more effectively with local government and promote positive change in their community.
  • Enhanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities: The project can encourage students to think critically about complex issues and develop creative solutions to address them.
  • Improved communication skills: Students can practice and develop their communication skills through the lobbying and negotiation components of the project.
  • Concrete policy changes: students will conduct research and analyze the needs of the community, then they will design a strategy for those issues and needs. Depending on the topic that the students choose to lobby on, there may be specific policy changes that could be achieved through their efforts.
  • Young voices at the municipality: during the project students will have meetings with the members of the municipality, they will participate the monthly council meetings, where they can share their concerns, ideas and strategies. The project could help local decision-makers to see young people’s needs and issues more clearly and to be more receptive to discussing young people’s ideas.
  • More quality events at town level: Our association plans to reach out to these young people and support them in organizing events that are aimed at the community of the town, because based on our research, there is a demand for this as well. We believe the project will also help these young people learn how to provide quality recreation opportunities for the community.

Project coordinator: Ungvári Borbála

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