New fascinating stories – our blog is growing

Again, a month has passed. There are now 4 new articles on our website: A text reports about our town Cristuru Secuiesc/Székelykéresztur, the article about the Szeklerland is online as well as the report about the harvest festival.

We also wrote about the religions in the region, inspired by All Saints’ Day on 1st November. It is very special that here you can find 4 denominations in one place. We met 3 of the pastors (Catholic, Reformed, and Unitarian) for an interview. Their opinions have also influenced the text. Next, we had planned to report about the herbalist Noémie, who started planting lavender in a field a few years ago – quite unusual for Transylvania.

On the day of the interview, however, the sun was shining and she asked us if we could help her plant the lavender on the large field. So 5 hours of work in the fresh air gave us a quite authentic insight into her work. But the next day she had time to tell us everything important before we went out to the field again. During these days we always had a camera with us, and so we finally made a video about Noémie, which we uploaded on Youtube with subtitles in our languages. Last but not least, we visited a woodcarver who is living and working in the town and making the famous Szekler gates. He showed us how he works and although we could try to carve a little bit. An article about him will follow.
In addition to the work on the blog, we also helped when there was something to do for the organization: At a workshop, for example, or during the preparation and implementation of the Christmas market.