Saying goodbyes – Youth for the Town

It all came to an end. A bittersweet one at that. But first, let’s all remember the fun we had! From snacking together in the office on the first day, through the countless group work and team activities, and of course, last but most definitely not least, on the Backyard Science Day, which was a big success. The participants tried their best and it really showed all the kids, and there were a lot of them, left the event with a smile on their faces. But, not just the kids closed the day in a happy mood, the participants also enjoyed their shared time with the local children. And let’s be real, no matter how old you are, it’s always fun to see a Coca-Cola volcano.

There was just a tiny bit of work left, in the form of the Youthpass certificate, that the participants had to fill out, as well as the evaluation form, so we can improve our work and know what we should pay more attention to. The program came to an end with the final evaluation and the Youthpass ceremony. Slowly it was time to say our goodbyes.