Guess what we’ve heard about you? You’re passionate about traveling and immersing yourself in new cultures. You’re driven, ambitious, and eager to leave your mark on a distant community. If this sounds like you, then come explore the land of vampires, castles, and mountains. Join us this september for a 10-month volunteering adventure in TRANSYLVANIA.

Who are we, and why should you choose Cristuru Secuiesc for your ESC volunteering experience?

We are the Youth Association from Transylvania, established in 2011. Over the years, we’ve hosted over 300 mobilities and participated in countless international projects. Our mission is to empower youth from the Romanian region of Transylvania to engage in European projects, both as hosts and participants. Our team currently consists of seven dedicated members working in the office.

What will your responsibilities be here?

You will join an international team of 9 people from across Europe. We are expecting five inclusion support volunteers and four NGO support volunteers.

As an Inclusion Support Volunteer, you will organize daily non-formal workshops for children and youth to teach English, while also promoting environmental awareness and upcycling and recycling knowledge. You will work in two kindergartens, one local primary school, and two rural primary schools, with children of various ages. We welcome your own initiatives and workshops, allowing you to create activities based on your interests. Additionally, you will volunteer at the Háromgalamb Disabled Centre, teaching practical skills such as gardening and cooking to its wonderful residents.

NGO support person: you will support our numerous local activities and improve our online communication and marketing, by increasing our social media presence. Since we frequently organize international mobilities, you will also help our staff in these.

Sounds too good to be true? Just wait until you see your accommodations! You’ll be hosted in a large, bright yellow office building in the heart of town, affectionately called the Yellow House by locals. The first floor is where our staff works, hosts mobilities, and organizes events. You and the eight other volunteers will reside on the second and third floors of this iconic building.

The house is fully furnished with:

A spacious kitchen equipped with two fridges, a stove, a microwave, dishes, glasses, and furniture.
Three bathrooms, each with a toilet, shower, washing machine, and other cleaning appliances.
Five large bedrooms, each furnished with beds and additional furniture.
Utilities including electricity, gas, hot and cold water, and internet with Wi-Fi.

If you’re ready to embark on this adventure with us, after reading this info pack please send your CV and motivation letter to and complete the online application form by clicking this link: Application Form.

For any questions, feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Instagram.