Experience Camp In Betfalva

This week we had an amazing day camp with the theme: EXPERIENCE, so to pull off a memorable camp we encouraged the kids to prepare a play to perform for the end of the week.

Along with that we had some other activities and exciting games in store, such as a sportive version of rock-paper-scissors , where they had to jump into chalk rings and be faster that the other team.  On the first days we did some theater related activities, like pantomime, to bring their best acting skills on.

Early in the morning we began always with some energizers and there was never lack of singing and dancing. Then to prepare for the play the children formed four groups, where they could choose a theme: comedy, action or drama, and they came up with ideas with the help of the local and international volunteers.

On Wednesday we had a really interesting workshop about sound with our French volunteer, Mathieu. Using different materials he showed the kids how they could imitate sounds (like animal or action). Then they crafted some materials they will use in the play and they were really creative!

On Thursday they finished their costumes and preparations for the play, and we had a highlight game: an obstacle race!

The last day came and even though we were sad to say goodbye we were also happy and excited to see the plays. The children did an amazing job, they were all so creative and were so proud of their performance. At the end, our jury couldn’t decide, so they gave a price to everyone! And lastly, we made a tree with nice messages to wrap up the camp.