Summer fun with 12 fun volunteers 🌞

What should summer be about, if not about getting to know each other and having fun? Getting to know people and cultures. But sometimes it’s hard to do, it’s boring to pack suitcases, the stress of booking accommodation, waiting at the airport. BUT we have a solution for this, our short-term volunteers have arrived, who will help our organization this summer so that we can bring you as many colorful programs as humanly possible.

But what kind of programs are we talking about? The volunteers who come here via the European Solidarity Corps have four big tasks to get done this summer. The program runs until September the 6th. The first is to help the ATA student days so that everything goes smoothly, and even organize a few activities for the participants. After that, there is no time to relax, because they will be heading to the ATA tent, where they can focus on children and kid-friendly programs. They will then help out during English and multicultural children camps.

Our small little team is quite colorful. There are volunteers from Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, and Turkey, a total of a dozen enthusiastic young people. Although they still have a good week until the first big program, they already made themselves busy after they arrived. They have already started exploring our lovely little town, helping out in the lavender field, planning their program for student days, children’s activities in the ATA tent, and even visiting VarsΓ‘g. I can honestly say that an active and dynamic team has come together.

We will soon share their introductory letter addressed to you.