The First Draft of the VET Pact Curriculum is Done

The VET-Pact project we are coordinating is progressing well, with lots of new and exciting activities happening currently. As a reminder, The “Enhancing VET practices and capacities through Transformative Learning (VET Pact)” project aims to enhance the quality, perception, and capacity of VET in three European countries (Romania, Hungary, Spain) and three Latin American partner countries (Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador). The project adopts a transformative learning approach and aims to develop a curriculum for 1,800 VET students and a training module for 180 VET teachers to become trainers. It also integrates digital and green practices, focusing on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

The most important thing we were engaged with in the past weeks was putting together the curriculum for students that will at first stage be trained to the teachers from the six countries in the training done in El Salvador and after that these teachers will adapt it and train it to their students, testing and upgrading it. The content of the training uses transformative learning approaches and aims to give the students crucial life skills for their careers and future opportunities that are usually not taught in regular VET training.

Beside this, the research report that the curriculum is based on is finalized and translated from English into Hungarian, Romanian and Spanish and in the next days it will  also be designed, ready to be published, disseminated and used not by the partners, but by anyone wishing to understand the the current situation of VET in the 6 countries and the needs of VET students. 

Furthermore, we are all ready, with tickets bought, bookings done for the training in El Salvador that will start on the 20th of November. An NGO representative and four VET teachers will be traveling to San Salvador from each country in order to attend the training based on the above mentioned curriculum.

Last but not least, the VET Pact website is already up and running at From now on, the website is the main place where you can read all the aspects and updates of the project.  We will be back with new updates soon.