The youth exchange Let’s stop Bullying! is finished

Our Erasmus+ youth exchanges program called “Let’s stop Bullying!'” has officially ended. Our participants represented 5 countries (North Macedonia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal and our team from Romania).

On the first day, we had a chance to get to know each other with some ice-breaking activities. After some warm-up, it was time to get to know the location of the project. We organized a little treasure hunt for our participants, providing them opportunities to learn about our community. But the highlight of the day was definitely the intercultural snacking time. We were lucky enough to close the night with some snacks from all across Europe. 

The second day of the youth exchange was more about studying, but we didn’t skip all fun activities, don’t worry! During the morning hours each participating group shared some data about the situation of bullying in their respective countries. Afterward, we discussed and compared some information. After our lunch – break, a specialist, Farkas Orsolya, has prepared a presentation to help us understand the situation and the whole phenomenon from a more “scientific”, more professional point of view.  

On the third day of the exchange the participants had an opportunity to learn more about Székelykeresztúr, thanks to the local museum. Later we visited a local high school and had a chance to talk with the students there. Talk about their experiences with bullying, what bullying is, how it can affect someone. When the visit was over, we had a discussion on the topic, on what we heard and learned. 

On day four, we finally started the practical part of our project and we started working on our stop-motion videos. During the morning hours, we learned the essential theory and method of the technic, then we formed our teams and were ready to work. Each group has to make a video related to the topic of the youth exchange, bullying. Teams were ready for the challenge, and they immediately started brainstorming. With a short lunch break the participants “refueled” and were back to the movie sets!  

On the fifth day of the youth exchange, the teams continued shooting and let their creativity fly. After quickly drawing up a game plan, it was all about taking pictures. In the begging, the stop-motion technic might have seemed easy, but the teams learned that it is not so simple after all. They had to face many different kinds of challenges, from changing light conditions, poor sound quality (turns out if you have almost thirty people in the same building, it is challenging to find a quiet spot to record dialogues) not willing to behave figures, and of course, the trickiness of teamwork.  

On the sixth day, we continued with our short movies. We finished taking pictures, so we could start the editing process. Everybody was buzzy making sure that even the last details were perfect. As for fun, a small little chess tournament was in order. 

The seventh day of our “Let’s Stop Bullying” youth exchange was also the premier day! We were off to the Berde Mózes Unitárius Gimnázium, where we watched our stop-motion videos in the company of two classes from the school. If you ask us, all of the short “movies” were amazing. You can see them here.

All in all, it was a long and tiring week, but still extremely productive and packed with experiences. 

The project was funded by the European Commission.