We are super proud of … event on the football field

What? Well, imagine a place where people use to play football in the past, but in the past 30 years no one used it, for nothing. We remember, when we were small kids, some mobile entertained park arrived there and they spent a few days with their carousel and roller coaster, but of course it was always super expensive, but we were happy if we had the chance to even see this huge machine. Of course, after these few days this place became empty, the grass grown big, and no one went there anymore.

After joining the RESCUE project our team realized that, why don’t we do something with this place, because it’s big, it’s actually on the edge of the town and it’s kind of in a quit place. That was the time, when the town hall were searching for place to hold the town days. And YES, we said why don’t we put the event and the place together?!

Since then, we cut the grass, clean the field, made electricity and water there and we had the first town days on that football field.

And the magic happened …

The main purpose of the program was to bring together delegations from town-twinning localities of Cristuru Secuiesc and to help the participants to acquire through diverse types of activities relevant and realistic information about the functioning, positive results and problematics of the European Union. An important aim of the meeting was to bring together people for getting to know and count achievements of the EU on local, even general level, but also with the revival the common history of the European community, to give them opportunity for presenting images with moments of history being in connection with the establishment and evolution of the EU, for discussing issues the EU, the future of the EU in the prism of present problematic, faces in times of crisis (COVID-19 pandemic, after Brexit times, etc.), for understanding the euroskepticism, exclusion manifested towards migrants, for helping to find solutions for these problems and therefore to get aware of the importance of becoming active European citizens, to encourage the involvement in the cultural, social, educational life of the EU in order to make people aware that with small steps they can influence their future and the perspectives of the EU, for sharing their cultural values (culinary, folkloric, etc.) in order to preserving the multiculturalism of Europe, and for discussing the future of the community and for establishing mutual cooperation.

It was an amazing 7 day experiment with more then 2000 people, 45 different activities and lots of amazing moments.