If you are reading this post, then you probably already wondered about being a volunteer, want to improve your language and social skills, also you are ready to work for the community. Well, you have all these opportunities if you choose the European Solidarity Corps volunteer programs. Nevertheless, that you are improving your skills, your travel, accommodation, and food is all covered by the program.

In this post down below, we offer you these French volunteer opportunities:

  1. Short term opportunity at Joie et Soleil, located in Ausbessagne – if you are open for organising summer camps for children between the age 8 and 18, also your July and August is free then this is the ideal program for you.
  2. Long term opportunity at Hors Pistes, located in Marseille – if you are more interested in environment, social inclusion, organising local projects and workshops, then pack your things, for 12 months from 2024 September, this program is waiting for you.
  3. The Youth Office of the DLVAgglo is looking for volunteers for 10 months starting from September, located in Manosque – if you would like to promote European values and mobility in local schools, organise workshops in your local community, it’s time to go to France!
  4. Long term opportunity at La Gare Franche/ZEF located in Marseille – if you’re interested in plant growing and gardening, you can volunteer for 11 months in the wonderful city of Marseille.
  5. 12 months in Marseille at Culture du Coeur – here you will mostly have office work, but you will have the chance to take part in organising book clubs and different local activities.
  6. The Eclat de lire organisation is looking for volunteers for 10 months in Manosque – if you like to read, you can take part in organising book clubs, street libraries and other exciting events.
  7. H.A.S. organisation located in Marseille is looking for volunteers for 12 months from September – activities against the isolation of women. If you choose this program, you will have a lot to organise and you can also get to know other local organisations too.
  8. The Citizen’s House in Istres is looking for volunteers for 9 months – to manage solidarity, environmental protection, sports, cultural and artistic activities.
  9. The Lycée Altitude located in Briancon is looking for volunteers for 9 months for educational activities. Your tasks will be hosting different out of school activities for the students on campus.

We know that this is a lot of information, but if you are interested in any of them, don’t hesitate to apply. You find the application form HERE.

Before sending your application, please read the English information package available HERE carefully to be fully informed.