“We just ended the first camp of our project and it was AWESOME…” all about the MultiKulti camp

As the children arrived at Sóskút for the Multikulti camp, they embarked on a journey that would take them to explore Germany, Spain, France and Hungary with the help of the 12 international volunteers. Through music, sports, crafts and games the young participants learned about each culture.

But first things first we had to get to know each other, so we presented ourselves through a spider web and sang our camp song: Bam bam bam, we’re in the summer camp!

In the afternoon we made our way to the forest for the game: Catch the flag, divided in two teams the kids had to run strategically to get the flag faster than the others.

On Wednesday we began with the cultural activities with the Spanish Team (Ahinoa, Íñigo, Inés, Marina and Maël). To energize in the morning the kids played the chairs game with Spanish music, then we painted the Spanish flag and placed some pictures around it.

The competiveness and team work was tested with some sports outside. But after a while we needed a rest and to cool down before lunch so we crafted some hand fans.

In the afternoon Laszló and Hedi made us travel all the way to Hungary with a presentation and a fun quiz to test the knowledge of the little ones, were they had to difference pictures of Hungary, France, Spain and Germany. Later it was time to get creative again making personalized bracelets.

On Thursday morning Cara and Malena introduced the German culture playing some really fun energizers were the kids even learnt some words in this difficult language. Before lunch the children crafted some really beautiful masks for Carnival, like one of the most known festivity in Köln.

In the afternoon the children experienced the best of the french culture through really active and fun games that Nolween, Mathieu and Julien prepared: Baguette Croissant, Banane & Pomme and an obstacle race. The kids showed their best creative side drawing in the french style of “Puntillisme”.

To finish off the camp in the best way the children could show off their talents with a performance that they prepared. The girls made an impressive gymnastic choreography and the boys a football show to the beat of “Ramenez la coupe à la maison”.

In the last morning before going home the kids enjoyed the breakfast together and wrote each other messages in a T-Shirt to keep an unforgettable memory of this camp.